About us

Decimal Systems (P) Ltd. – A unit of Ghan – Mihir Foundation is a growing Management and IT Consulting company promoted by a team of professionals with the objective of contributing towards achievement of better effectiveness and productivity of Organizations. Decimal offers Consultancy in Management services, Information Technology and Automation.
As technology becomes more sophisticated and complex, judicious use of technology will aid an organization to become more efficient and effective and therefore, competitive. Progressive organizations have already started critically assessing the way they operate and taking the necessary steps to improve their performance

It is against this background that we are offering our services to study and implement entire systems for the purpose of achieving the maximum out of this drive. The approach that we adopt is threefold, as follows:

Study those areas of the organization, which can or should undergo a change. A total reengineering may be out of place for most organizations, but keeping the organizational priorities and critical factors in mind, we look at those operations, which can yield maximum results.

Study the methods and workflow and rationalize them.

Build productivity and effectiveness into the system. After the above have been put in place develop and implement a totally integrated and meaningful I.T. solution.

Decimal can undertake a free survey without any obligation to give a preliminary idea of how exactly this can be of assistance to your organization.

Packaged software for specific functional areas, which are at present not serviced properly. The solutions packages offer the results of years of accumulated functional experience plus the combined skills of expert software programmers.

Customized development of software : There are several areas such as Production Scheduling that are not properly understood of catered to. The customized development that we can undertake will include all such areas plus the evolution of value added functional specifications in each area.

Study of critical business factors, work methods and flow and evolving ways to optimize and the resources used b the organization. This could be a good prelude to computerization or part of the process itself.

  • Complete networking services from A to Z.
  • Hardware supplied from reputed International organization.
  • Bar cording, Character recognition, Card punching and other Automation related to computers, can extend from the offices to the factory and will greatly reduce the effort of collecting and entering data into the computer. Apart from providing automation at the operating level.
  • Implementation support for large package such as ERP.
  • Computer related training.
  • Selection and Placement of Computer Professionals.