Services Services for Small and Medium Business

Services for Small and Medium Business

As your Business takes flight, propel it with the right fuel

To provide the world class consulting services to our client partner we @ Decimal systems have Partnered with Global consulting firm popularly known as Tata Consulting Services Ltd- i.e TCS Ltd for there TCS-ion solutions

SMB Solutions:
TCS-ion solutions cater to need of small and medium industries in diverse sector like manufacturing , Pharmaceutical, Retails and so on for driving the performance, profitability and productivity for sustained growth.

About TCS-ion

ion provides com comprehensive solutions that address varied IT requirements from network to ERP, ion is offered as a single services, in a pay-per-use model, allowing you to leverage the solution’s true potential ion ensures integration of all processes along with ease of use

iON Promises:

  • High performance in normal broadband
  • Stringent security and data privacy
  • Guaranteed availability (99percent uptime)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Reduced need for IT staff

Ion, therefore manages your processes while you use the software, You gain from.

Integrated solutions:

We ensure that all your solutions are connected . For example, if you are using a CRM along with an ERP, and have a document management system to organize your files, we ensure that these solutions are connected and work as one. So for you, it is simply IT and not application.

Increased agility:

We bring in the agility to keep pace with changing processor or a new line of business. We help you configure the processes to work differently or simply choose new practices recommended by the software . Our activation systems flags on best practice while the system in running. As you pick and choose, we give you more options to choose from.

A Pay-as-you-use model

This model eliminates capital investment as we provide the IT infrastructure and software on rent. You pay as you use and only for the number of users who actually use the software. The rent is charges monthly, Typically the cumulative rental for three years is equal to the capital cost of acquiring similar or lesser software with one-time payment Usually the ROI exceed rental within three months, when best practices are well followed. The rental includes maintenance and training with no hidden costs.

Personalized Solutions:

Although this is a cloud services, the software is configurable to each business You will always get the flavour of your own business by picking and choosing what processes you would need.

Automatic upgrade:

We continuously invest in our solutions to ensure best practice. We enrich the software based on user feedback and business and statutory changes. We ensure the upgrade without disrupting the user.

Solution in Diffrent Industries- TCS-ion

Driving Educational Excellence in Digital World

iON Education Solution has a wide range of cloud based solutions with foot prints that cover the entire value chain of education eco system encompassing K-12 schools, Affiliated Colleges, Vocation Institutes, Boards and Universities.
iON Education Solution includes the following:
Campus Management & Administration Solutionsto enable end to end administration and management at institute or campus level. This covers Student Life Cycle management; Attendance Management, Fees Management and Academic Operations Management. The solutions include Campus Management and Communicator.
Learning Management Solutions encompasses the Collaborative Learning Environment tools with Course Content for Teachers and Students, Course Creation and Management Tools with Intelligent Assessment Tools powered with Strong Analytical engine to track and improve the Learning Outcomes of the Students. Solutions include Learning Exchange, In-Course Assessment and Prep Tests.
Platform based Solutions for Education Management encompasses technology enabled platforms to automate various education, assessment and recruitment management functions of Central, State Governments, Boards, and Institutes of Excellence effectively and efficiently. These solutions include Exam Management, Assessment Management, Digital Evaluation, Demat Services and Data Management.

A Manufacturing nervous system

Recording orders, sales and purchases would have little meaning unless they were connected. At the heart of our manufacturing solution lies a production system that ensures that these are in sync. You procure as much as you produce; and produce as much as you are able to sell. The goal is as simple as keeping the lowest inventory.
At iON, we tend to make the complex manufacturing process look simple by connecting the different parts of the operations. The software is organized into planning and execution. Production plan for instance, would tell your operations to expect the right amount of sales, and then initiate the right quantity of procurement.
But what happens when the execution slips from what is planned? Vigilant reports and dashboards would alert you in time.

When every day is new season

The goal of every retail store, whether it is a super mart or a coffee shop, is to create a seller's market. A customer walks in knowing what they would buy, and impulsively buy more once inside. That is because every day you have a new scheme or a new way of displaying merchandize. The business of retailing is precisely this. So if you are looking for software that would help only in billing or running the till, you could look beyond.
Our retail solution is designed to boost sales, and to support the sales with smooth operations. It is like a scheme is put on merchandise each day, and the till knows exactly how to bill it. With that happening, technologies like Bar code and RFID are only incidental.

Treat each client differently, and personally

When you have a chain of Wellness centers, be it spas, slimming clinics or salons, you have one worry - Do all centers run the same way?
A wellness brand is known by its distinctive approach to treating clients. Yet, all centers and franchisee outlets may not be consistent with it. So the software, which sits at your franchisee centre for the purpose of billing and collections, may not understand the idiosyncrasies of each client.
Our wellness solution helps centralize your processes - bringing the control centre closer to each client. So, as your centre receives an online or call-centre appointment, your analyst sitting at the Head Office knows what pattern of preferences needs to report. A slimming centre then has centrally managed report cards; a spa has a predictable clientele; and a salon knows what apparatus should be ready at each centre

Power your workforce performance

Across industries, organizations are looking at new ways to manage their workforce and measure performance through HR analytics, performance management systems, and social media.
The iON Human Capital Management (HCM) Solution is an integrated solution that helps you effectively manage your employees and increase productivity across your workforce. You can align employee goals with business objectives, cultivate employee skills, measure and reward performance. iON HCM is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that automates your human resource management and payroll processes with on-demand Business Intelligence (BI) reporting capabilities and dashboards to help make quick decisions while maintaining statutory compliance read more
iON Human Resources Management Solution (HRMS) manages your recruitment and performance evaluation processes, while also managing employee records and validating their financial details read more
iON Payroll Solution manages every stage of the payroll process, ensuring effective, accurate payroll cycles and helps in faster decision making with on-demand business intelligence (BI) reporting capabilities read more
In addition, iON HCM has additional solution and services to further enhance the productivity and learning environment in your organization
iON Human Capital Management (HCM) is delivered as a:
Managed Service : Manages the process end-to-end with the service delivered as an output
Implementation Service : Delivers a completely configured system ready for end users to transact and extract output on a day-to-day basis