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Capital Development

Resolving the Questions of Raising Money

Even for the most experienced owner/entrepreneur, determining the best financing options for your business can be a daunting task

Restructuring, working capital, mezzanine investment, leveraged finance, cash flow lending, structured finance, working capital, growth equity… what are the advantages and disadvantages for each as it relates to your specific business need?

Knowing the particulars of your business does not guarantee a successful capital raising initiative. You must evaluate and present yourself with an investor's/lender's perspective squarely in focus."

Decimal Team leverages extensive financing experience, and a diverse network of lenders and equity sources, to help you find the capital required. Based on your individual business situation, Decimal will help determine the appropriate type and size of investors/lenders to approach and optimize opportunities with varied financing sources. Decimal can help you:

  • Confirm corporate priorities and objectives
  • Size the proper amount and type of financing required
  • Assess and qualify funding sources
  • Structure and negotiate preliminary terms and conditions
  • Create competitive tension in the process
  • Coordinate the Due Diligence process
  • Finalize the definitive terms and documentation
  • Support post-closing administration

No matter what form your need for additional capital may take, Decimal Team possesses the skills and relationships to provide solutions to any funding challenge and, most importantly, to help fuel stability and growth throughout your company.