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Visibility: It All Begins with Understanding Your Business

Financial Management Solutions that Help You Optimize Cash Flow, Improve Profits & Achieve Clarity

As owner or CEO, working on your business, not just in it, can be challenging. In order to successfully optimize cash flow and improve profitability, however, it is a requirement. And it all begins with developing a clear understanding of your business.

Knowing where you are so you can establish a path forward first requires accurate financial data. We can work with you and your management team to access that data and then turn it into actionable information, creating robust financial forecasting that will help you identify and achieve your business goals

Are you currently able to identify trends and capture operational insights from every department? Without this knowledge, it is difficult to project future success, or perhaps more importantly, predict issues that can cause unexpected and unwanted surprises. At the center of our Financial Management Services practice, we develop sophisticated, customized forecasting and budgeting models that help you:

  • Achieve clarity around cash drivers so you can optimize cash flow
  • Predict when cash will be tight and take corrective action to improve cash flow
  • Recognize unfavorable variances so you can control expenses
  • Prioritize costs and improve profitability
  • Identify cash deficits and opportunities to reduce expenditures

In addition to Cash Flow Forecasting & Budgeting, our Financial Management Services offer:

  • Strategic Planning. Create a roadmap for success, enable strategic decision-making and eliminate guessing.
  • Business Plan Development. Get everyone on the same page, including management and external financial stakeholders.
  • Raising Capital. Develop raise materials, identify capital sources and help consummate raise.
  • Acquisition Due Diligence, Execution & Integration. Mitigate risks, accurately value potential businesses, and plan a successful integration.
  • Divestiture/Shut Down. Evaluate the profitability of under-performing business units for possible divestiture or shut down.
  • Exit Strategy. Maximize enterprise value and prepare for company sale and change in management.
  • Bank Relationship Development & Management. Ensure a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with primary external financial stakeholder.
  • Pro Forma Bank Financial Covenants. Proactively predict and monitor bank covenant compliance.
  • Manage Working Capital. Achieve a stronger balance sheet and reduce short-term borrowing needs and lower interest expense.
  • Performance Metrics. Use key performance indicators to align employees and improve business performance.
  • Operational Reporting. Closely monitor and understand business performance for early identification of issues to ensure immediate corrective action.
  • Process Improvement. Improve profitability and reduce the risk of defalcation.
  • Risk Management. Identify risks, develop mitigation strategies and engage subject matter experts to transfer or insure risk.
  • Tax Strategy. Minimize tax expense and improve bottom line.

Interim CFO: Bridging a Critical Gap

There may be an instance when you have a vacancy in the role of CFO. This critical void can leave your company in a vulnerable position, without strategic financial leadership. By filling this vital role on an interim basis, we can help you meet the financial and fiscal management needs of your business. We will interact with external stakeholders and continue to oversee the accounting and finance staffs to ensure smooth financial operations, and allow the necessary time to make the best permanent selection.

Our goal is to ensure a successful outcome for your business. So whether that means gaining clarity around your business model and how to plan for success, improving cash flow from better management of working capital, or increasing profitability by controlling expenses, we have the tools and experience to help you achieve your business goals.