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We Design, Develop & Implement Operating Models that Produce Value for Your Customers, Employees and Shareholders

Operations is at the heart of every business, whether you deliver a service or a product to your customers. The business processes that comprise your operations are the methods and structure you use to produce value for customers, employees and shareholders. By maximizing the efficiency of these processes, you achieve operational excellence – and produce greater value for all constituents. “We translate concepts and strategy into an operating reality and results

Is your company’s producing at the level it should be? Are labor costs higher than expected or earnings lower than expected? Are you meeting customer requirements for delivery and quality? If operational issues are limiting your success, our three-fold approach can help you achieve operational excellence. Our Operational Excellence practice addresses all of the systems, processes and resources from the point of receipt of an order to the service or product delivery.

We not only work with you to design the solution, we also develop it and then implement it so you can successfully achieve and sustain expected results. Perhaps most importantly, we do all this by leveraging existing assets and resources so the solutions are immediately actionable. Our services help you to:

  • Dramatically Increase Productivity & Optimize Asset Utilization. We use proven Operating Models to design, develop and implement solutions.
  • Improve Quality & Enhance Customer Satisfaction. We deliver a comprehensive Quality Management System.
  • Increase Operating Profitability & Leverage People, Processes, and Technology. Our Process Re-Design methodology identifies and eliminates those gaps that block success.
  • Lower Project Costs & Reduce Capital Expenditures. We conduct a thorough Business Analysis which identifies business needs and determines solutions to business problems.
  • Improve Customer Service by Meeting Delivery & Quality Requirements. Our Effectiveness/Efficiency Models fundamentally rethink how work is completed.

Our customized operational models use tools from many proven programs including Lean, Six Sigma and Short Interval Scheduling. We take a pragmatic, results-driven approach and fully engage employees in all phases of the project to ensure sustainable performance. Whether the issues are enterprise wide or department specific, our proven methodology is applicable to a full range of operational challenges.

At Decimal, we can help you to develop multi-disciplined, staged-based, integrated sales and marketing methodologies that align with your customers’ needs and buying processes. This approach includes specific inputs and outputs, actions, roles and responsibilities, metrics, tools and documentation for each stage in the process. While every engagement is fully customized, and therefore varies, we typically focus on strengthening and aligning three key areas within Sales & Marketing: your people, processes and systems.

Organizational Performance Methodology

Business Case

Our approach to helping you design and install Performance Excellence programs begins with a clear understanding of the rationale for performance change. Together we outline the “Case for Change” which includes quantifying the specific opportunities, and fundamental reasons for change. This justifies the investment of time, cost, resources and energy, and outlines expected ROI’s.

Measurement & Analysis

Accurate facts are the cornerstone to designing, building and installing high performance operating models. We begin with understanding the current model and identifying the underlying issues and barriers to performance. Our Measurement & Analysis phase evaluates the full dimensions of the work configuration from the human capital and cultural consideration to the supplier inputs, methods, work arrangements, Value Stream Mapping, Process Flows, support systems, material and information flow, machinery and technology. We also define the opportunities, root causation, speed and expectations.


Our goal is to leverage assets that currently exist within your environment. Our solutions do not require investments in new technology or equipment. We believe that investments in new technology and equipment should be applied to enhance sound operating models. Our solutions are pragmatic and produce fast sustainable results considering all economic and strategic requirements of our client.


Our approach is to implement programs as part of your team, facilitating a strong and meaningful knowledge transfer and management development program. The implementation applies the appropriate balance of tools, systems and methods from Lean, Six Sigma, and Short Interval Scheduling. Our “roll up the sleeves” approach and working side by side with the front line employees and supervisors ensure skills development and quick feedback to maximize overall effectiveness.

Sustained Improved Results

Our methodology enables a full knowledge transfer of the analytical skills, tools and practices from INDIA DECIMAL to you. This provides your employees with the requisite skills to continue to maintain the revised operating model. Additionally, we develop a Client-specific Management System and Operating Control (MSOC) manual that outlines 7 key system elements specific to your “production system”. This manual not only includes the operating model that reflects how your business is today, but it enables you to evolve the methodology as your business evolves. So as the market and customer needs change, you can keep pace with the dynamics of your business – independently.

Our goal is to help you achieve improved performance, more quickly by leveraging existing assets and to leave you with the tools to sustain success within your new model