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Shift the Traditional Product Push to a Business Value Approach and Grow Your Business

We Help You to Strengthen and Align Your Sales & Marketing People, Processes and Systems to Increase Productivity and Drive Revenue

Do your sales metrics reflect your corporate objectives? Are your sales forecasts a reliable and consistent predictor of future performance and growth? Do your marketing initiatives add value for your sales teams and customers? Would you like to increase your close rates? It is difficult to accomplish any of these without structured, aligned and clearly defined sales and marketing processes which can only begin with an understanding of market drivers andcustomer needs.

Yet often sales and marketing teams attempt to push products or services to prospective customers focusing on price or features, or pursuing deals which do not fit well with your capabilities. Competing on price alone can drive discounts and erode margins, while focusing on features compels prospective clients to make feature-only comparisons that ultimately come back to price. And chasing after poorly qualified leads without much possibility of success is a waste of valuable time and a source of frustration for all. So, what is the solution?

First, ask yourself and your team: What do our customers really value? What are their needs? Then consider the market drivers: What is happening in the marketplace that potentially influences the buying and selling process? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, determine the unique value proposition for your product or service: How can we meet our customers’ needs more effectively than other potential solutions?

Once you can confidently answer each of these questions, you are ready to begin the journey to improved sales and marketing effectiveness

As a former Sales & Marketing executive, I take a truly diagnostic approach with each engagement – probing and listening to uncover and understand the real root cause of your issues, and then customizing and implementing a solution that is clearly defined, sustainable and aligned with your business goals.

Did you know that, according to CSO Insights, 87% of sales teams who adopt a structured methodology report measurable improvement in sales results? Furthermore, Sirius Decisions reports that studies also show that companies with a fully aligned sales and marketing approach report 3-year revenue growth 24% higher than those who do not.

At Decimal, we can help you to develop multi-disciplined, staged-based, integrated sales and marketing methodologies that align with your customers’ needs and buying processes. This approach includes specific inputs and outputs, actions, roles and responsibilities, metrics, tools and documentation for each stage in the process. While every engagement is fully customized, and therefore varies, we typically focus on strengthening and aligning three key areas within Sales & Marketing: your people, processes and systems.

People: Acquire, Develop & Retain the Ideal Candidates

  • Take the guesswork out of hiring
  • Assess candidates based on attributes required for success, not just skills and experience
  • Build effective sales teams with a disciplined approach to differentiating your business
  • Develop sales managers to lead and coach effectively

Staffing & Development Methodology Includes:

  • Assessment of Current Staff
  • Development of Structured, Objective Hiring Process
  • Development & Training Programs
  • Compensation & Incentive Plans
  • Employee Evaluation and Performance Review Framework

Sales & Marketing Processes: Customized, Multi-Disciplined, Staged-Based Methodology

  • Drive sustainable growth and improve margins
  • Align your sales process with customers’ buying processes
  • Integrate and align marketing and sales activity
  • Gain insight into what customers value by understanding their pain points, preferences and buying behaviors

Sales Methodology Includes:

  • Account Planning & Management
  • Territory Planning & Management
  • Opportunity Qualification, Assessment & Management
  • Value Proposition Development
  • Vales Forecasting
  • Management Routines for Ongoing Performance Assessment and Improvement

Marketing Methodology Includes:

  • New Product/Service Development Processes
  • VOC (Voice of the Customer) Programs
  • Lead Management Programs
  • Ideal Prospect Profiles
  • ntegration & Alignment of Sales & Marketing Activities
  • Social Media Initiatives

Technology & Systems: Making CRM Work for Your Business

  • Align metrics with desired behavior and business objectives
  • Provide relevant, meaningful and actionable reports and dashboards
  • Spot trends and adjust approach to resolve issues or capitalize on strengths

Technology & Systems Methodology Includes:

  • Assessment of Current Metrics, Reports, Data Capture & Data Accessibility
  • Development & implementation of Performance Measurement Plans Aligned with Sales, Marketing and Corporate Goals & Objectives
  • Sales, Marketing & Management Team Education