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Strategic Planning

Finding the Way Forward

In a recent study of small to mid-sized businesses, more than 70% of management teams recognized the importance of a structured planning process and its impact on overall business success. However, less than 30% of these businesses actually completed a formal business planning process with its senior managers.

Through our Strategy & Planning services, Decimal systems, enables owners, CEOs, boards and senior managers to set a cohesive direction and implement an effective business plan to optimize operations and achieve stability and growth. Our strategic planning process includes:

  • Competitive Positioning Analysis
  • Prioritization of Strategic Goals
  • Market Research and Evaluation
  • Financial Planning and Departmental Budgeting
  • Tactical Execution Plans
  • Executive Team Guidance
  • Board/Investor Communications

Leveraging the services of operational, financial and corporate development professionals, as well best practices used by the most progressive and successful enterprises, Decimal systems can customize a plan that will best achieve your company’s specific objectives

Key Service Elements

With our highly interactive approach, Decimal systems can help your business achieve a legitimate strategic blueprint which can be tactically implemented. Our Strategy & Planning practice includes:

  • A facilitated planning process using “best practice” methodologies
  • A staged approach around critical planning processes to effectively and efficiently use internal resource time.
  • Methodologies and tools related to resource planning, compensation, and functional plan creation and performance management.
  • Our 4 Phases Approach

Our 4-phase approach to strategic planning is built around the idea that strategy is an evergreen process. While the majority of attention is paid to developing the plan, emphasis is also given to putting the plan in action, and validating results. The 4-phase process ensures that your management team takes a proactive position in defining the goals and requirements of your business, and continues to act upon them. The 4 phases are

Internal Planning

The majority of our efforts go into this phase, in which we help your management team assess the organization from an operational perspective, establish strategic goals and develop functional plans to achieve those goals. Along with a market evaluation and financial projections, these elements are captured in a formal plan– your customized blueprint for growth.

Departmental Implementation

Using the strategy document as a guide, We @ Decimal will ensure that your organization’s goals are fully integrated throughout each part of the business. Functional plans are developed for every department, including second tier budgets and corresponding compensation frameworks. Internal communication plans are also created to help streamline department interaction and achieve a cohesive strategy.

Structured Review

The structured review provides a quarterly assessment of the work being done against plan. It includes forecast updates, key metric assessments, functional plan updates and a review of the communication framework. Adjustments are made according to results.

Final Assessment

This end of the year analysis delves into all aspects of your original plan, judging the organization’s progress on a number of key factors. The assessment also takes note of the plan itself, using its strengths and weaknesses as the basis for next year’s strategy.