Why Decimal

We take a holistic view of the organization and its needs and do not look at the assignment as one of computerization or automation in isolation. This ensures that the systems are well integrated, maximize benefits and ensure that everyone’s need is taken care of.

We have years of functional experience in practically every area of a manufacturing organization and therefore, understand your needs accurately. More importantly, we contribute to the process of defining the functional specifications.

Our strategic alliances ensure that you get a totally integrated solution from us. We can undertake responsibility for the entire system rather than just parts of it.

We offer solutions in areas not normally serviced and with good results. For example we could study you entire system and suggest how you can profitably use bar coding or we could develop a system for optimizing your space requirements. Of course, we also develop software in areas, which are little understood by most consultants and where the algorithms for development of the software could be very complicated. Such as Production Scheduling, Quality Control and other areas in the shop floor, for example.
We are small, that means we are economical; we are quick in our response and we have to deliver, because we cannot take shelter behind our big name.